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Welcome to Golden Food Product Company! We're a friendly food and snacks company based right here in Bangladesh. We create delicious snacks like puffed rice that bring smiles to your taste buds and moments of happiness with every munch. We take great pride in being known for our tasty treats that people trust and enjoy. We understand the importance of safe and delicious food. That's why we're extra careful with our snacks.We're thrilled to have you join us on this flavorful snacking journey.

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If you want quality experience that goes beyond your expectations.

Want a better snack? Our yummy Golden Puffed Rice Snacks are the answer. Lots of snack lovers are already loving them and here's why. We make these snacks super carefully, using good stuff that's good for you. They're crispy and tasty for any time you're hungry. People really like that! Join in and pick our snacks for a happier and crunchier snacking time.


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Meet Golden Food Products, a friendly snack maker. We're known for making yummy snacks like puffed rice. Our snacks are carefully created to taste great and make your snacking time special.


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